Low-Cost Health Insurance – Knowing The Terms And Alternatives

Paying for health care can consume a large portion of an individual or family’s disposable income. Some costs are non-negotiable, but there are ways to lower the amount you spend on ensuring your health.


You may be able to pay a lower premium by paying a higher deductible. This is particularly true if you are insured as an individual rather than through your employer. If you choose this option, it is wise to place a portion of the money saved on your premium into an account used solely to pay your deductible. 

Co-pay amount

Many companies have lower premium policies available for those willing to make a higher co-payment when visiting the doctor. Opting for a higher co-payment can be especially advantageous for people who don’t often see the doctor.

Generic drugs

Generic drugs are manufactured to the same standards as brand name drugs. Choosing to have a prescription filled with a generic drug can offer substantial savings over having it filled with a brand name drug. 

Healthy living programs

Many insurance plans offer pre-emptive health care services that are entirely funded by the insurance company. Employee plans often do this to avoid paying for higher-priced services later on down the line. Programs may include free immunizations, mammograms, prostate exams, and general physicals. Paying a portion of monthly health club dues is also available on a few plans. Be sure to take advantage of these options if possible.

Remember, while health insurance premiums are high, the peace of mind brought by knowing you and your family are insured is priceless. Gathering as many quotes as possible is the best way to learn and compare companies.

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